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West Texas Trails Association
OCTOBER 20-21, 2017
Snyder, Texas

Old Postcard Snyder Texas Downtown The West Texas Trails Association will meet in historic SNYDER, TEXAS for its fourth annual meeting. Snyder has a long history of association with trails. In 1878, buffalo hunter and merchant William H. "Pete" Snyder, former Pennsylvanian, opened a trading post on Deep Creek. In 1882, Mr. Snyder planned the future town of Snyder and helped open the first school.

White Buffalo Statue While buffalo no longer roam the prairie, a life-sized statute stands in the Scurry County courthouse square commemorating Snyder’s white buffalo. The historical marker beneath is about the man who brought the white beast down. Buffalo hunters played an important role in the settlement of Snyder and helped to establish trails which were later used by explorers, pioneers, cattle drives, railroads, and highways. These trails will be discussed at the West Texas Trails Meeting in Snyder Coliseum October 20-21, 2017. JOIN US.

There are many historic places and attractions in and around Snyder that will be included in the Friday (October 20) tour for attendees of the meeting and others. See the schedule below for information about this tour.

The meeting to be held on Saturday, October 21, 2017 will cover subjects from early game and Indian trails to highway and railroad routes. Special speakers will be featured at this meeting and honored at a reception Friday evening, October 20th. Further information about schedule and program are below.

Be sure to put October 20-21 on your calendar - come join the fun and fellowship.

Memberships in the West Texas Trails Association are $30.00. Mail application and check to West Texas Trails, P.O. Box 221, Pittsburg, TX 75686
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For information or questions contact Robert Hall, West Texas Trails Executive Director at westtexastrails@gmail.com or call 903-261-1044

2017 Annual West Texas Trails Meeting October 20-21 in Snyder.
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West Texas Trails
Fourth Annual Meeting
Oct 20-21, 2017, Snyder, TX

FRIDAY, October 20, 2017
West Texas Trails TOUR
8:30 a – Leave Holiday Inn Express, 1305 East Coliseum Drive
8:35 a – Triangle Sinclair Service Station, 701 Coliseum Drive
9:00 a – Travel to Sweetwater
10:00 a – WASP Air Field Museum, 210 Avenger Road, Sweetwater
11:15 a – Travel time
11:20 a - Travel Sweetwater to Fort Chadbourne (drive by Fort Chadbourne Cemetery)
12:00 n - Eat Lunch at Fort Chadbourne, Texas
1:00 p – Tour of Fort Chadbourne, Texas
3:00 p - Travel back to Snyder to Scurry County Museum
4:15 p - Visit Scurry County Museum, 6200 College Ave, Snyder, Texas
5:15 p - Travel back to Hotel by 5:30 p

6:30 - 8:30 p – Reception at Holiday Inn Express, 1305 East Coliseum Drive, Snyder, Texas

9:00 p – Board Meeting – Holiday Inn Express, 1305 East Coliseum Drive, Snyder, Texas

SATURDAY, October 21, 2017
General Meeting of the West Texas Trails Association

Scurry County Coliseum, 900 East Coliseum Drive, Snyder, TX
8:30 a – Registration at Coliseum (Preregister for Lunch required - $15.00)
9:00 a – Presentations in the Western Room, the Coliseum, 900 East Coliseum Drive
9:00 a – Welcome – Bob Saul
9:10 a – Explorer Trail – Bob Saul "The Marcy Trail: Crossing Texas to California Gold"
9:40 a – Fort Chadborne – Linda Pelon "The Comanche View of Fort Chadbourne"
10:10 a – Cattle Trail – Montie Guthrie "The Chisum Branch of the Goodnight Loving Trail"
10:40 a – Break – Buy a Book!
11:00 a – Buffalo Hunter – Drew Bullard "Adventures of J. Wright Mooar in the Panhandle"
11:30 a – Cattle Trail – Marisue Potts "Tracking the Potter-Bacon Trail"
12:00 n – LUNCH at the Coliseum
1:15 p – Asphalt Trail – Stew Magnuson "The Last American Highway"
2:00 p – Comanchero – Delores Mosser "Lessons from the Comanchero Trail"
2:30 p – Railroad Trail – Robert Hall "Iron Rails on the Trails: The Rosoe, Snyder & Pacific"
3:00 p – Break – Buy a Book!
3:20 p – Business meeting – Bob Saul West Texas Trails Association; Next Year's Host City
3:30 p – Snyder Heritage Village – Ed Barkowski "Overview of Snyder's Heritage Village"
3:50 p – Tour of the Snyder Heritage Village
5:00 p - End of meeting

Do you need a hotel room for this meeting?
The Holiday Inn Express hotel is located at 1305 East Coliseum Drive, Snyder, Texas
Phone 325-573-0376 – rate $79.00 per night

Mail your registration: Click here to print meeting registration form.
(You can also register at the door.)

westtexastrails at gmail.com